We are a total hotspurs, who spend every single moment in the field. No matter what the weather is like, sun, snow or rain - we never give up! We have cycled along most of the bike tracks in Poland but we had a hunger for more, so we decided to extend the boundaries and explore the world. Japan, South America, Cuba, Himalaya Mountains... and we’ve finally discovered! This is it - NORTH AFRICA - Marocco.
It was hot, it was exhausting but the beauty of pure nature around always gave us the superhuman strength and pushes us forward.
Sahara Desert is not just a huge space with yellow sand. This is a variable landscape with date palms, oasis, dunes, wells, mountains, dry lakes, watery rivers and many many more.
And local people around - incredible, a little alternative but always friendly, open and joyful. Ready to help even in the middle of the night in the middle of the desert.
There is simply no other way to not be happy and full of energy there. Everyone who
has experienced our adventure says the same: ‘’I want to stay here! This is amazing that despite all the kilometers I still have so much energy that I want to take more of Sahara and Morocco’’




Against selfishness and willingness to leave those unearthly moments just for us, we decided to allow you experience the same uncredible time. It will not be simple and easy.
Sometimes you will be thinking: ‘’I can’t do it, it’s too hard and too hot for me...’’
So if you are giving up at this stage you better buy a new TV and maybe one day you will see there our Fat Bike expedition
However, we believe that Sahara gives people indefinite power, energy and lifts them above their capabilities. So if you what to experience it all, contact us today!

We offer tailor-made trips to your requirements.
If you need long weekend or two weeks Sahara experience - no problem for us!
We will meet in Marrakesh Airport and will take you inland.
For more informations please visit:


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